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Manufacture d'Aubusson Robert Four

The Manufacture Robert Four is one of the most important factory of Aubusson tapestries. It's also the last factory who made hand knotted rugs in Aubusson region. 

The factory is a family company located on the site of an old mill, by the Creuse river.

Dyeing, wool stock, weaving, you will see the whole manufacturing process of the traditional Aubusson tapestry and rugs.

Prices (private tours) and booking

- Until 4 people : 24 euros the tour,

- More than 4 people : 6 euros per person.

   Children (up to 13) : free

Factory address : 

Manufacture d'Aubusson Robert Four

7 rue Madeleine, 23200 Aubusson (15 minutes walk from the city centre, or 5 minutes by car)

The acces is not easy for people with disabled mobility.

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14 Grande rue

23200 Aubusson

Phone number : +33(0)6 21 25 98 79 / +33(0)6 83 60 14 15

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